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Welcome to Rounds Cars

Welcome to Rounds Cars where we will take you round to your journey. Whether you want to go round the corner or stuck with your shopping, catching a train or arriving. Maybe going on holiday and need a lift to the airport. Call Rounds to take you round to where you want to go, safely and promptly. 


We've had some great reviews and feedback on our services for over a decade

I missed my bus and was getting late for work. Tried this company which arrived on time with in 10 minutes, The Driver was prof & friendly and got to work before time, wasn't expensive either. Use them

again no doubt.


What an absolute breath of fresh air after struggling with other taxi service for years. Rounds are amazing, very VERY helpful, always polite and always a pleasure to use them. I highly recommend using them!


An amazing taxi company based in Northampton. Took me to the airport on time, the driver was friendly and the atmosphere was enjoyable. I would definitely reccommend this to everyone


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